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Astrology’s effect on today’s modern world!!

Astrology’s effect on today’s modern world!!

I wake up on certain days hoping that my day goes well. Sometimes the day ends with me being one of the happiest people out there in the world. And on other days, well...I’m just relieved that, the worst is over. The feeling comes with a saying from a famous movie called Lion King, where Timon goes,’’you gotta put the past behind ya!”. True in many ways.

What if you could have an insight into how your day was going to be? Or say, your not sure about a certain decision and seeking the advice on what is best. People like to be told about things that give them hope. They like to be constantly reminded of how things could go well or how everything is going to be fine.

Horoscopes can do just that. With the submission of a few details of yourself that are accurate and precise, you can now get a brief summary of how your day is going to be. It may not always be the kind you expect it to be though as most of us hope only for the best. Though in some cases, people tend to do otherwise.


Researchers like Hyeongmin, Kim, Katina Kulow and Thomas Kramer have summed up a statement by saying how horoscopes played a huge role in western societies and the impact it had on a person’s decision.

In the study, subjects were given a less-desiring horoscope and were given two options to choose from-
A gratifying option of going to a party or a noble alternative of cleaning their household.

Results showed that certain individuals who felt they were in complete control of their fate did not show any hesitation in preferring to go ta a party. Even after being presented with a less-satisfying horoscope.

Curious about having a peek at your horoscope? Well go ahead and take a look!

It was observed that the people who were normally opposed to a less-pleasing horoscope were the kind who would give in to the thought process. And so wouldn’t hesitate when it came to something that pleased them.

Whereas the individuals who were more likely to believe that their fate is sealed would not think much or take any unnecessary risks. And they would normally spend the rest of their day without getting distracted.

Researchers have come to the conclusion that people who felt fate could be altered are likely to give in to a 2nd thought when they came across an unpleasing horoscope. A way of remodeling their fate. But instead, researchers have been shot with backfiring results. As people have proved to be risk-takers and are eagerly waiting to confront something as they believe that it to be the ultimate way of neutralizing their fate.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Top Business schools in India

Top Business schools in India

Business education is said to be the futuristic education and career option today. India is growing to the level of a world power and thus economy of the country is so inviting for entrepreneurs to invest in India. The IT sector and manufacturing industry have witnessed many leading world level firms beginning the operations in India. 

India is targeted as the base station for many IT firms and manufacturing units because of few aspects life cheap work force, professional talent pool and availability of skilled and trained professionals. When all these features are combined in a single region, no wonder why companies are attracted to India!

In earlier times professional education meant only medicine, engineering or law. But today, business education has overtaken all of them and has gained the role of most aspiring career option for the latest generation. Diverting from Business administration course is not a single phased one as there are different streams of MBA like MBA in finance, human resource, hospital administration, hospitality management etc. 

MBA or business education helps a person to learn the skills of business functioning and also integrating the various business verticals. Let us see few of the most renowned business education institutes in India.

IIMA (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad)

Considered as one of the most renowned business school in India, the IIMA offers world class education on various streams of business education. Located at the city of Ahmedabad, in the Indian state of Gujarat, the IIMA facilitates four various programs on management. 

The PGP - Post Graduate Program (equivalent to MBA), the FPM - Fellowship Program in Management (equivalent to Ph.D), the FDP- Faculty Development Program for Management teachers and Trainers and the MDP - Management Development Program.

IIMC (Indian Institute of Management Calcutta)

IIMC is the oldest among IIMS and when the quality of education, career opportunities for the pass outs from IIMC etc… are considered, IIMC can be called one of the leading business schools in India. 

There are three full time programs offered by IIMC. The PGDM - Post Graduate Program in Management (equivalent to MBA), the FPM - Fellowship Program in Management, the PGDCM - Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Management. 

There is a part time course offered for the managers with required work experience. The part time course is PGDBM - Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. Additionally MDP - Management Development Programs are held in regular intervals for middle and top level managers.

XLRI (Xavier Labor Research Institute Jamshedpur)

This institute has a long history of providing business education to students since 1949. In fact, in 1949 business education was not even in the dreams of any student. Renowned as XLRI the Xavier labor research institute offers two courses at the post graduation level in management - a post graduate diploma in Business administration and a post graduate diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations (PMIR).

What are you exceptionally good at? Your Horoscope will tell you!!!

ISB (Indian School of Business, Hyderabad)

This is one of the preferred locations for business students. The exclusivity of ISB is that it offers a tight packed one year course in management. Along with experienced permanent faculty, ISB also has several highly qualified and experienced visiting faculties from Wharton, Kellogg, Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Duke, Texas etc…

SPJIMR (SP Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai)

This is one of the leading business schools in India. Located at the business capital of India, Mumbai, the school offers various professional courses on Business management and administration to national and international students. The PGDM [program offered by SPJIMR is regarded as one of the best in the country. Finance Management, Marketing Management, Information Management and Manufacturing & Operations Management etc… are the main streams of management courses in SPJIMR. 

NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai)

The NMIMS, Mumbai is one of the best preferred locations for business studies in India. NMIMS offers a two-year full-time program, spread over six trimesters and leading to the degree in Master of Business Administration. Students can avail admission based on a written admission test and later a group discussion and personal interview. The difficulty in getting into such schools make the best talents enters courses.

If funds are an issue, you could also seek out for student loans

Tips on overseas education

Tips on overseas education

Education is very much global today. All the renowned universities being interlinked under the
international education organizations, students can select any country to complete their education.

There are several reasons why students move abroad for studies; it can be financial, social, status
related, professionalism etc certain countries are so backward in education and people who opt for
quality education may fly abroad.

Certain students move abroad as the job opportunities are higher aboard than the native country. Yet another group of people select a foreign nation for education because of the financial status.

The fees structure for the same course in different countries may differ largely. There are some facts and tips every student who dreams of studying abroad should consider.

Take a Look at what World Bank has to say on Education.

How to select the right college and university?

Selecting the right college or university is most important as an unwise choice may cause in irrevocable loss of money, time and energy. When you select a college or university abroad to continue your studies make sure that the university is approved worldwide or at least in the countries you are planning to work in future.

Websites, counselors etc… may help you with this regard. Make a detailed study of the
course, curricular and syllabus of the college which you are planning to enter. The fees paid once may
not be refunded which makes it impossible for a person to quit a college and join another one. Be clear about the accommodation facilities, class timings etc… before you board the flight to the country.

You can always take the help of Study loans.

Financial aids for foreign study

For a typical Indian student, foreign study can be steeply expensive as when compared with the global education costs, education India is quite cheaper. Yet people consider foreign education aiming at the possible high returns and the global exposure.

I just thought I should share this small bit of interesting fact that I learn about India.  Though the normal trend of all Indian parents is to make their child an engineer or doctor, they also look into the Rashi or rather the Horoscope of the person in question.

As per Indian culture, they believe that certain zodiac signs are exceptionally good at certain jobs. So, this would help them choose the course of education that best suits the stars. The Kundli Report says it all!

There are several options a student can rely upon for finance to purse foreign education. Family funds, bank loans, scholarships, bursaries, sponsorships etc…are the common source of income for a foreign scholar.

Many countries permit the students to work for designated hours a week. But expecting to earn from the part time work alone is a stupidity as if you fail to get a job, then you may run out for financial aids. Possessing a bank loan is good option and if you get some part time jobs the income would be sufficient to meet the living expenses.

Consider your personal interests

Selecting a renowned university and country of your dream is only secondary when certain other
personal interests are considered. Make a study of the nature of the course offered in different

For example, the same course may take different time periods in different countries. If you
can complete the course in one year in UK, moving to US where it may take two years is not advised.

See if the country is friendly with your nation and the university welcomes foreign students without
hesitation. Less complex visa processing is to be preferred as a minor issue in your permit may end up with deportation.

Fulfill the eligibility criteria before you move abroad

Each course and each country demands certain eligibility levels from every foreign student. Though, the university provides you with the student visa, be careful to cross check the demands of the country before you take the flight. Certain language certificates like TOFEL, IELTS etc… are mandatory for English speaking countries. Possess the certificates before you apply for the course in foreign universities.

Be careful that your eligibility matches perfectly with university criteria and requirements of the particular country.

Know international laws and practices

Having basis knowledge of the laws of the country you are planning to move into may help you to be
safe and hassle-free. There can arise several issues regarding the accommodation, part time job,
vacations etc… if you are not aware of the laws of the country.

Also you may be denied of certain privileges every country offers to foreign students. Know your rights as well duties as a foreign student.

Most countries offer the privilege of working for a year or two after completing the course. Availing this option may help you to attain enough work experience and also help you earn handsome income soon after completing the course.

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Streams of engineering and ways of applying for the course

Streams of engineering and ways of applying for the course
Engineering - The Base of Our Life

Love the world of calculations, shapes and sciences? Well, then .. we have somethin for you!

The world today is oriented more into technology. Every aspect of life and our everyday life is quite impossible without the help of technology. Mobile phones, gadgets, home appliances, television, computer, vehicles everything and everything in life is completely or partially technological.

It is the development in the field of technology that triggered the development of human life and betterment of lifestyle. Being the integral part of human life, the technology and technological education is important at today's context. Engineering has become one of the most promising career option in India.

Streams of Engineering

There are several streams of engineering education in India. They are namely aeronautical, agriculture and irrigation, apparel technology, automobile, interior design, bio medical, bio technology, ceramic, chemical, civil, computer science, electrical & electronics, electronics & communication, electronics & instrumentation,
fashion technology, food technology, geo informatics, industrial bio technology, information tech, medical electronics, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, pharmaceutical, plastic technology, polymer technology, printing technology, production, textile chemistry etc… Though there are quite a good number of streams of engineering, many students are not aware of the options in engineering education. 

The most common streams

of engineering opted by students are few:  
Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Electronics and

communication and Computer engineering. 

Let us see four of these in detail:

Mechanical engineering : 

This branch of engineering is focused on design, construction, operation and maintenance of mechanical equipments like power plants, mechanical engines and all sorts of machines. A degree in mechanical engineering enables a person to pursue a job in any manufacturing unit or mechanical industry. This is one of the leading branches in engineering in India.

Electronics and communication: 

Generally known as ECE, this branch of engineering offers multiple career options for the students. It covers all the electronic devices, communication circuits and equipments, digital electronics, solid state devises etc… are dealt with and studies under this stream of engineering. A degree holder in ECE can find a job in any of the electronics manufacturing, servicing or assembling unit or in the telecommunication industry.

Civil engineering : 

Civil engineering deals with building and structures. Construction of simple structures like houses and buildings and designing complex structures like dams, multistoried buildings, bridges, railway tracks etc… are the field of work for a civil engineer.

Computer Engineering: 

This may be one of the most sought after branch of engineering today. A computer engineer is a must to have person in any industry as computers are utilized in almost all the aspects of life and business. A computer engineer has to operate the systems, design software, maintain complex computer related equipments like servers etc… are the field of operation for a computer engineer.

Can our Horoscopes play a part in our education and career?

I know there are so many to choose from. But in the midst of all this, there will be one that meets our skills, preferences and sun signs. From experience, I feel you need to look at two vitals before choosing a course for yourself or your child.

First one is:
Check your Horoscope. Not every profession meets the preference level of all zodiac signs. Choose out which star sign you belong to and then look at the most optimal careers that will fit your life. 

Second one is:
Look out for the jobs that are most in demand around the world. Check out their pay scales and also in which countries they are in high demand.

How to apply for the course of engineering?

The study of engineering comes under the technological universities in India. There are several technological universities with number of institutions functioning India. These institutes offer courses on each of the streams of the engineering for selected students. 

The students selection is happening based on competitive exams conducted by the university level, state level or college levels.
AIEEE is the entrance exam that selects the candidates according to the scores for different streams of engineering. 

Any person passes the examination with other eligibility can seek admission in any of the renowned colleges in India. Students who secure top scores can utilize the government subsidies in fees and can complete the course at the minimal expense.

Yet another option of joining a college for engineering is getting admitted in the management seats. 

Every college is allowed to reserve certain number of seats for students of own preferences. Only a few number of students get at the top ranks of AIEE exams. 

But for those who have passed the exam, but couldn’t get the required score or those who couldn’t appear for the examination, the management seats are great help. 

The fees will be high for such students as it is decided by the college management.

A student can pursue the course in any college of his/her own preference. There are quite a good number of renowned colleges around the country which offer quality education and placement assistance. 

It is important to get admitted into a well equipped and professionally renowned college as the institution of study is important to obtain a highly paid job in a firm.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Most sought after careers today: What Career do I choose?

Most sought after careers today: What Career do I choose?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
A beautiful quote by Confucius

Life is all about a career and what all we do in life is to land in the right career. Starting from education which even begins at the early age of three, the life is oriented towards a career which is highly earning and socially respectable. It is the career that shapes the life by all means.

There are so many careers to select from and depending on the mind set, skill levels and education; people can get into any desired career. In older days career was not very much selectable as getting into any job was important than opting the job which fits a person. 

Today, the opportunities are more; thus anyone can select a career which he or she feels the best for him/her. Let us see few of the most sought after career options today:


If you really feel that you possess a technical mind, then engineering can be the right career for you. The career requires you to be creative, curious, skilled, technical minded etc… The requirement for trained engineers grows on a daily basis. A degree in engineering is the basic qualification to become an engineer and possess a job as an engineer. 

There are several streams of engineering which can be selected by people according to the personal preferences. Engineering is a high paid job and they are socially ranked in top level. Once you come out of the college after pursuing the certificate, it would not be an issue to find a job as the demand for engineers is ever growing. 

Engineering is suggestible option if you wish to move abroad for few years. All the countries welcome engineers and an engineer can easily find a job in any part of the world. 


A career in medicine is considered as a service not a career. Yet, when we perceive it from an outlook of education and job, medicine related careers are one of the ever sought after careers. There are multiple careers under the health care industry like Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist, Lab technician, Therapist etc… All these jobs are well paid and white color jobs. 

Each of the streams need specified education and certificates to enter into the job. Medicine is a career that fits only to people who are dedicated and passionate about this career as more than knowledge, the skills are important in careers in medicine. 

A bachelor’s degree from a medical college is the basis eligibility to become a doctor. Nursing and other medicine careers can be practices with a diploma or higher degrees. 

IT related careers

The most booming industry today is the IT sector. The major share of the young generation workforce is acquired by IT sector. Software developers, web designers, programmers, hardware technicians etc… are the well known IT careers today. Information technology industry offers dreamlike payments to the employees thus people prefer IT careers than anything else today. A degree or diploma certificate in any of the streams of the IT is necessary to find a job in the industry. Computer Engineers are the back bone of the IT industry. 


Being a scientist is a prestigious career. Many people dream of becoming a scientist, especially as the current era has witnessed an explosion of science and technology. The career of a scientist offers everything to satisfy the technical curiosity of a person. Being a scientist is not to invent a new thing, but to know the facts behind every happening and also to help the modern man to live better. Essential technical education, the passion top science etc… are mandatory to pursue a career as a scientist. 

Which one is good for me?

I know there are a lot of which career path will suit me the best. There was a time I used to ponder about that. This was because I was confused. You see, I liked nature watching, loved doing service, crafting solutions at home; but never liked being in a hospital. So, I was taught that being a doctor or a nurse is a kind of dedicated service, and mentally I was not for it. 

That is when my school mentors suggested I look at my Horoscope. It says what you are and what inborn qualities any person is born with. I took the advice and became a Marine Biologist. Do you want to check your Today's Horoscope

You never know- it may guide you!

Teaching career

Many people opt to be teacher. Teaching is ever mentioned as a divine career. Teaching may not a highly paid job like an engineer or doctor, but the job is considered to be respectable. Teachers enjoy high level of social status. There certain courses that qualifies a person to be a teacher. Teaching today is not what it used to be. It is not just the transfer of knowledge to students, but, in fact, molding students to be skilled, responsive and better human beings. The career of a teacher demands high level of dedication and hard work from the aspirant. 

Career in Aviation

At least in India, becoming a Pilot or flight attendant is regarded to be prestigious. The aviation industry has just begun its growth in India. Thus, the job of a pilot or flight attendant is highly paid. Becoming a pilot is not that easy as each candidate should undergo few years of training and should obtain a government approved license. 

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What is MBA and how to apply for the course?

What is MBA and how to apply for the course?

In the simplest form, MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. MBA is an educational program that offers a student with the post graduation certificate in Business administration. Today, MBA is the most ever aspired professional course by students around the world. Increasing job opportunities, high salaries, migrating opportunities etc… make the course a favorite to students.

With the boom in the business world, people look for a career in business management and MBA is the right doorway to achieve this ambition. 

Though MBA is aimed at shaping managers for multiple business verticals, the career option is not just limited to becoming managers and not every MBA holder becomes a manager. There are many other designations an MBA holder can bear in every business organization. 

How to get admission for MBA?

Being a professional course, MBA cannot be pursued like an art course. Certain admission criteria are to e followed by each and every aspirant. Many institutes admit students on the basis of the marks obtained in a competitive examination. 

GMAT or The Graduate Management Admission Test is the official and all-accepted entrance test for MBA programs. Any person passed the test with required score can apply for MBA in any institute in India. 

Few of the institutes have own entrance tests which the aspirants are expected to get through to get admitted into the particular institute. Many institutes admit students on the basis of a personal interview and group discussion apart from the written test. 

Scope of MBA course

MBA is a job oriented education program. Having an MBA certificate makes a person eligible for applying for the jobs on business administration and management. It is important to obtain the certificate from a well known institute as the place of study matters very much in the pay scale and job offers. 

Many brands are particular to acquire MBA holders from renowned institutes. For example, a person studied MBA in IIM may have 10 times more chances of obtaining a highly paid job than a person from a local institute. 

An MBA holder can work as a manager, Human resource officer, PRO, administrative officer etc... in business organizations. Getting a job abroad is easier if you are an MBA holder. Now days, the designation of manager is exclusively reserved for MBA holders in many industries. 

Main streams of MBA

MBA as many people have conceptualized is not the name of a single education program. In every business vertical, there are specific MBA programs. 

The most popular streams of MBA in India are Finance, Human resource and Marketing. 

MBA Finance: 
MBA finance is one of the streams of MBA opted by majority of MBA aspirants in India. The job opportunities and pay scale for MBA finance holders is comparably high. Every industry needs financial experts as economical profit is the goal of every business and operations. MBA finance program helps the students to obtain the skills handling finance and how to spend wisely to gain more profit. 

MBA Human resource: 
MBA Human resource is a renowned department in almost all the Business schools in India. Human resource program enables a person capable of handling the entire internal marketing strategies of a company. Every firm requires Human Resource experts to handle the work force and labor related issues. Recruitment, increments etc... are the responsibility of Human resource people in a company.

MBA Marketing: 
The program helps the students to be capable and skilled of making the right marketing decisions. It is the responsibility of the marketing people to see if the product sells better. MBA marketing aims at polishing the marketing skills of a person. 

Wondering what will be the education expenses?  India is a good option for budget friendly education options.

Get an idea of the various choices!!
MBA – Agribusiness, 
MBA – Aviation, 
MBA – Banking, 
MBA – Biotechnology, 
MBA - Brand Management , 
MBA - Business Administration, 
MBA - Business Management, 
MBA - Clinical Research, 
MBA - Construction Management, 
MBA – Economics, 
MBA - Fashion Designing, 
MBA – Finance, MBA - Health Care, 
MBA - Hospital Administration, 
MBA - Hospitality Management, 
MBA - Hotel Management, 
MBA - Human Resources ( HR), 
MBA - Information Technology, 
MBA - Infrastructure Management, 
MBA - Insurance & Risk Management, 
MBA - International Business, 
MBA – Logistics, 
MBA – Marketing, 
MBA - Materials Management, 
MBA – Media, 
MBA - Oil & Gas, 
MBA - Operations Management, 
MBA - Personnel Management, 
MBA - Petroleum Studies,
MBA – Pharma, 
MBA - Public Relations, 
MBA - Real Estate, 
MBA - Retail Management, 
MBA - Rural Management, 
MBA - Sales & Marketing, 
MBA - Supply Chain Management, 
MBA - Telecom Management, 
MBA – Tourism etc... are the most common streams of MBA offered by various institutes and universities in India.